Nicolas, junior web developer

About me

I am a french student in master's degree of software engineering at the University of Bordeaux. I self practice and learn web development for a few years. I began by classic PHP, but I completely changed of technology when I discovered NodeJS, which I used for many little projects, whether it be website back-end or scripting. There is some of my recent works.

Web development abilities

  • Front-end : HTML5, CSS3/Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery/AngularJS/ReactJS
  • Back-end : NodeJS/ExpressJS/MongoDB, PHP/MySQL, Symfony/Twig
  • Scripting : PhantomJS/CasperJS, jsdom
  • Testing : Selenium/Mocha/Chai
  • Misc : Request, Socket.IO, Async, Browserify

My projects

My main project is a personal web server, designed for run my applications, I am working on it for more than one year. It is based on NodeJS/ExpressJS and supported by a MongoDB database, be able to serve many static or dynamic applications, to run third-party scripts or tools and to manage socket connection thanks to Socket.IO. I set up an route system to be able to discern data requests (JSON) and resource requests (files). Currently, my server is working on an little virtuel private server based on Linux and it is very useful to learn the back-end side.

Web application which allows to manage a movie library. I had to make this application in an internship where my subject was to understand how JS scripts are loaded in a web application (CommonJS and AMD). So it was an interested way to learn the client-side framework AngularJS v1 and the CSS framework Bootstrap. I do not use this application but it can be a good demo for show AngularJS in action.

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Web application which allows to upload and download files in the simplest and fastest way as possible. The main purpose was to accentuate my knowledge on AngularJS v1. I used the stack MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) and the CSS framework Bootstrap for design the application.

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Interface for run a web scraper which gathers all bets from the gamble online platform Winamax and return a spreasheet filled with the gathering. The purpose is to help a friend to make its sports bets. I used Socket.IO for communication between the interface and the script, and PhantomJS/CasperJS for navigation scripting.

Broken (source code has changed...)

It's a functional prototype of application conceived for learn ReactJS that provides a way to download single or multiple videos from Youtube. It is not intended to be released for real usage so all features has not been implemented. I use ReactJS (with server-side first rendered), Socket.IO for end-to-end communication and Youtube-dl, a third-party tool for download and convert videos.

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Current working

I am currently in internship in London in a 3D printing start-up. I am in charge of develop new features on a platform for the free sharing of curated 3D printable files. Consequently I discovered here the PHP framework Symfony and the template engine Twig.

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More info soon...

Cheat sheets

There is a few useful cheat sheets for my personal use. I improve them now and then.